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The National Youth Democratic Movement  for Good Governance is  Established to empower the less fortunate Youths and  a Movement which serves as a platform to  mobilize youths, Elites, technocrats who are citizens of goodwill and conscience coming together to discuss how to promote peace and good Governance with opportunity to share their latest insights & strategies towards achieving sustainable grassroots development in Nigeria.


Concerned that left to the antics of failed political leaders, whose class of leadership are entrenched and will lead Nigeria into a state of indescribable human misery characterized by death, hunger, disease, illiteracy and manipulation, Concerned Nigerians being unable to continue to stand aloof, this has led to creation of the WayForward For Better life Support Group as a platform to mobilize all citizens of goodwill and conscience towards installing a credible leader capable of bringing about the desired opportunities for all.

#WayForward  support group consists of like-minded Nigerians who are committed to changing the political order, which has failed to fashion a Nigeria that works for all  hereby consolidating  to rescue Nigeria from inert political leadership and system.

We are working on a multilevel governance approach to deal with sustainable development challenges as this Support group provides elites and technocrats the opportunity to share their latest insights & strategies of achieving sustainable grassroot development. We are joining forces with credible civil societies, Associations, NGO thereby solidifing each state platform with Technocrats who are credible women of high pedigree and youth leaders who are given the opportunity to showcase their leadership abilities in their various communities towards achieving a better sustainable economic development

The support group is also established towards ensuring an improved standard of living for Nigerians in line with achieving a sustainable grassroot development in 2019 & beyond.

We call particularly all Nigerian youths, women and the vulnerable to urgently heed this call by joining and supporting the agenda and road map of the #WayForward for Better life Support group.. Membership can be accessed  through our dedicated active National facebook page via  www.facebook.com/ariseonIgeria  with over 12,785,950 members Nationwide .

Join our whatsapp group via 08130003765 

Youth Affairs Executive Governing Board

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Dr takon Samuel ojong

Director General

Dr takon Samuel ojong hail from Ikom in cross river state.The southern part of Nigeria.He is an empowerment coach,Political Analyst, Entrepreneur ,Business and concept developer,Activational and Motivational speaker,who has done lots of public lecture within and outside the shore of Nigeria.He has lots of academic accolades to himself:He has a Bsc in international relations and mass communication,Msc in peace studies and conflicts resolutions,Msc in political science,Msc international relations and legal studies,MBA in Human Resources Management,PhD in peace studies and conflicts resolutions from CITY University Cambodia 🇰🇭,PHD in educational Management and leadership from CIMl ,USA(honorary),He is Board member,Director,Fellow to about 41 Organizations in Nigeria and abroad,He is the Ceo of crownpoint college of health.Ogun state.Dolf Business school Zaria,Crown Natural water,Harvered international school,Ogun state.Co-Owner of Essf University,republic of 🇧🇯 Benin.Director of Africa operations:Gedion Robert University,Zambia.Gewah University college,Ghana.West end University college.Ghana.Ceo of C-E Africa (a foundation for the less privileged).Lead head of Builder’s House Nigeria.He is a father,Nation Builder,Mentor and simple gentle man ,He is a UN ambassador on peace keeping,UNESCO ambassador on international Human right council.Dr Sam is married with lovely kids.Thank you and God bless.

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Chongo Terun Dese

Deputy Director General

Chongo holds a master degree in history from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He works with several individuals, groups and organisations among which are: Institute for Development Research and Training, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigerian Research Network, Oxford, Family Health System, Rural Access and Mobility Project (A World Bank Assisted Project) and many other organisations. He is currently a program officer and senior adviser to Smart Suicide Prevention lnitiative (SSPI)- An organisation committed to combating suicide and other mental health challenges among youths in Nigeria. He is currently the chairman Pan-African Society, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

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Bola Adeleye

National  Secretary

Bola is an Integrated Marketing & Public Relations expert who has consistently delivered sustainable solutions in rebuilding youth mental capacity.
She was awarded a Certificate by Enfield Council HAVCO for her top notch contribution and active participation in the United Kingdom youth communities.
She is the founder of Youths Creative community center for Art (YCCCA)

Regional Director- North West
Regional Director- North East
Regional Director- South East
Regional Director- South West
Regional Director- South South
Regional Director- North Central

Executive State Council

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Sokoto State Director
Sokoto State Deputy Director
Sokoto State Exective Secretary
Sokoto State Publicity Secretary
Plateau State Director
Plateau State Deputy Director
Plateau State Exective Secretary
Plateau State Publicity Secretary
Kaduna State  Director
Kaduna State Deputy Director
Kaduna State Exective Secretary
Kaduna State Publicity Secretary
Katsina State Director
Katsina State Deputy Director
Katsina State Exective Secretary
Katsina State Publicity Secretary
Kebbi State Director
Kebbi State Deputy Director
Kebbi State Exective Secretary
Kebbi State Publicity Secretary
Cross River State Director
Cross River State Deputy Director
Cross River State Exective Secretary
Cross River State Publicity Secretary
Edo State Director
Edo State Deputy Director
Edo State Exective Secretary
Edo State Publicity Secretary
Bauchi State Director
Bauchi State Deputy Director
Bauchi State Exective Secretary
Bauchi State Publicity Secretary
Borno State Director
Borno State Deputy Director
Borno State Exective Secretary
Borno State Publicity Secretary
Kano State Director
Kano State Deputy Director
Kano State Exective Secretary
Kano State Publicity Secretary
Akwa Ibom State Director
Akwa Ibom State Deputy Director
Akwa Ibom State Exective Secretary
Akwa Ibom State Publicity Secretary
Delta State Director
Delta State Deputy Director
Delta State Exective Secretary
Delta State Publicity Secretary
Lagos State Director
Lagos State Deputy Director
Lagos State Exective Secretary
Lagos State Publicity Secretary
Ogun State Director
Ogun State Deputy Director
Ogun State Exective Secretary
Ogun State Publicity Secretary
Ebonyi State Director
Ebonyi State Deputy Director
Ebonyi State Exective Secretary
Ebonyi State Publicity Secretary

The Vision

Been concerned that the antics of failed political & entrenched leaders will lead Nigeria into a state of indescribable human misery characterized by death, hunger, disease, illiteracy and manipulation, Arise O Nigeria has decided to create the WayForward support groups in various states to mobilise all citizens of goodwill and conscience towards installing a credible leader capable of bringing about the desired opportunities for all.

Our Support group provides a platform for young, eligible & credible personalities who wishes to run for any public office.

Arise O Nigeria needs help to continue our work of empowering youths & women across Nigeria..  You can share or volunteer your skills, expertise, resources or professional services in marketing, PR, Agriculture, finance or media. Your support is a priceless gift. You can bring real change for Young farmers by donating lands, Farming Equipments. We believe that your support for our youths and women would minimize the rate of unemployment, crime, poverty, massive brain drain.  It will not only create internal stability, but strengthen our economy.

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