The PAN Nigeria Peace & SDG Awards (Abuja 2018)*
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*Excellence in Leadership, Advocate of Good Goverance, Outstanding South South Legislator in service for Youth Empowerment, Peace & Conflict Resolution*

Senator Matthew Urhoghide,
Chairman, Senate Public Accounts Committee.Distinguished Senator Representing Edo South Senatorial District.

Senator Matthew Urhoghide has given various Awards of scholarships to the less privileged. Has awarded scholarship to a total of 263 in the last three years from high school levels to University levels.

In the areas of legislation, the distinguished Senator has proposed a total of 9 bills in the senate and moved and supported 23 motions towards the Good and proper governance of our country.

Senator Urhoghide serves as the Chairman, Senate Public Accounts Committee and membership of 6 other committees in the Senate.

Build maternity ward in Ehor, in Uhunwmonde local government of Edo State. Provided water bore holes, construction of roads, town halls, class rooms and solar street lights to mention a few.

He has trained over 3700 persons in various fields ranging from Cosmetology to Agoro-Forestry; from machine Equipment Maintainance to Skill Acquisition and from Machine Technology Entrepreneurship to Tourist Souvenir making as a contribution to reducing unemployment in the country.

Senator Urhoghide none refundable and no interest bearing loans to petty traders amounts to 80 beneficiaries.
318 have benefitted from the Senators distribution of various tools for business start ups.

About 86 constituents have benefitted from the senators direct intervention for employment into various Federal MDAs.

The physical infrastructural intervention of the distinguished senator in his senatoria District includes but not limited to the construction of access bridges to areas cut off by rivers to connect such communities with other communities.

The distinguished Senators leadership stride in resolving disputes amongst his constituency is one of many intangible contributions of the distinguished Senator.
Date: 23rd Of November, 2018

Venue: Aguiyi Ironsi Str Maitama, Abuja Lagos

Time: 2pm

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