BREAKING NEWS !!! EU, NIDO Europe & other International organization Partners with Arise O Nigeria for 2019 Election Observation

On the 16 of February 2019, Nigerians from the Diaspora will set up a command and controlled Centres in Europe with HQ in London to co-ordinate several activities on the ground using advanced technology, the social media and other our teeming observers on ground in Nigeria.

Concerned Nigerians, leading new generation NGO, community expert and other several pro-democratic organisations are globally collaborating to monitor the 2019 Presidential Elections and on this premise, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Europe have collaborated with the UN & African Union endorsed Non Government Organization, Arise O Nigeria for the 2019 election observation accross the federation.

According to Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (Chairman) Central Executive Council (CEC) / Board of Trustees (BOT) Nigerians In Diaspora Continental Europe (NIDOE), The objective of the collaboration include:-
• To deter fraud and rigging;
• To expose problems and irregularities;
• To promote confidence in the process and its outcome;
• To provide an accurate measure of the quality of the election;
• To provide recommendations for improving the process for the next election;
• To petitioning the international community to support democracy in Nigeria;
• To provide evidence in court should need arise;
• To ensure electoral integrity;
• To encourage participation of Nigerians at home and abroad
• To advocate for government accountability even after the election.

Amb. Jonathan Daniel, founder of Arise O Nigeria confirmed that The collaboration will promote democratic process and good governance in Nigeria.

we will be happy if you will consider partnering with us in this noble duty to our fatherland.

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